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VB.NET Services Australia  
VB.NET Services Australia

VB.NET Services Australia  VB.NET signs Managed IT Services agreement with Ryarc Media Systems. Vestel and VB.NET have maintained a productive and close business relationship for the last 3 years, which was formalized through the strategic software outsourcing agreement.

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VB.NET Services Australia
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VB.NET Services Australia

Managed IT Services

VB.NET's proposal

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VB.NET Services AustraliaVB.NET Services Australia

VB.NET's proposal for Managed IT services will not only deliver the required information security controls based on business risk, but will also provide the required transparency and visibility to your company's stakeholders for making informed security and operational decisions. This will enable timely, effective and consolidated information about your company's IT service posture, vulnerabilities and required remediation activities.

VB.NET's Vision

VB.NET Services AustraliaVB.NET Services Australia

VB.NET's Vision for your company's Managed IT Services is to deliver services that are simple, cost effective and appropriate. In order to achieve this, VB.NET will transform some of the existing IT services with the implementation of automation tools. These tools will deliver an improved and cost effective service for security and service management to your company.

The Managed IT Services are structured in the following service groups

  • •  Patch Management
  • •  Configuration Management
  • •  Anti-malware management on end points
  • •  Data Loss Prevention
  • •  Anti-malware and anti-spam management on mail servers and mail gateways
  • •  Exchange management
  • •  Managed Firewall
  • •  Managed Proxy or Gateway
  • •  Identity and Access Management
  • •  Managed VPN
  • •  Backup management
  • •  Systems Monitoring and Alerting

Systems Monitoring and Alerting

VB.NET Services AustraliaVB.NET Services Australia

VB.NET can help you in establishing a systems monitoring framework and event delivery platform, which will improve the overall monitoring and alerting capability for your organization. By having timely and effective monitoring infrastructure and processes in place, you can avoid most of the potential problems arising from network issues.

VB.NET Services Australia

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VB.NET Services Australia VB.NET Services Australia